Sleep Apnea Treatment

Easy to Use


Follow these simple instructions to obtain the greatest effectiveness of Free Nose.

Before you adhere Free Nose, wash your forehead with soap and water. Make sure to use soap which will not irritate your skin. Rinse thoroughly removing any soap residue and dry.

Adjust the bridge piece to fit comfortably on the bridge of your nose. Apply the double-faced sticker supplied with your Free Nose to the flat surface located at the upper most part of Free Nose. Wait about 15 seconds before pealing off the tab.

Applying Free Nose:

Using one hand, place the two lower branches under the point of your nose as seen in diagram. Adjust the bridge for maximum comfort and stability. Gently lift the Free Nose system so that your nostrils are elevated slightly. Keep in mind that the greatest effectiveness may be achieved when your air passage is opened wider and Free Nose is positioned higher. Place the top, pre-stickered Free Nose to your pre-washed and dried forehead.


Increased effectiveness may be obtained by raising the position of the Free Nose system on your forehead, lifting your nostrils higher. This increases the air-flow through the nasal passages.

Free Nose is a unique system. Since you have never worn Free Nose while sleeping, you may have the tendency to pull it off. It takes a little getting used to. Don't give up too early. The long-term benefits are worth a little perseverance.

Cleaning and Re-use

If you take proper care, the sticker should last for 3 or 4 night's use. To replace the sticker, carefully peel off the old one. A residue of glue may remain on Free Nose. This can be removed by rubbing it off with your thumb and/or washing with soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry before applying new sticker.