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Finally, an anti-snoring device that works!

"I have had breathing and snoring problems all my life. A deviated septum caused me to breathe through the mouth and caused snoring at night. Surgery improved some but the snoring continued. Not only did it irritate my throat, it was very disturbing to my wife.

Over the years, and without satisfaction, I tried all possible anti-snoring remedies I could find. I used gargles, throat sprays, nose strips, magnets, and even a sound activated gadget. Doctors had me try various nasal sprays which helped somewhat. Still, I kept looking for a better way. In the meantime, my wife had to keep nudging me at night to make me stop snoring by rolling over or changing position so she could sleep.

About two years ago, while in New Caledonia (a French island in the South Pacific) I saw a brochure at a pharmacy. It was advertising a device called Free Nose. It looked funny and caused me to laugh. I dismissed it as another silly gadget. The pharmacist told me that customers claimed it really worked. It even helped people with sleep apnea. I was not convinced, but took the brochure with me. My wife finally convinced me to try it.

I have been using Free Nose every night since. I no longer need sprays or gargles. It is the best investment I have ever made. I can now sleep the whole night without disturbance. My wife can finally sleep in peace. This anti-snoring device is wonderful.

After about a year of using Free Nose, I ran out of stickers and contacted the manufacturer in France. I eventually obtained the marketing rights for Free Nose for the US and Canada.

Not only has this product helped people with snoring problems, it has been used by anyone needing increased air intake during some sports. It also has helped people with some forms of sleep apnea.


Recommended by a doctor:

"From my youth I have had breathing problems. I have used nasal sprays, but my doctor said that it was dangerous to use them over a long period of time. He recommended the Free Nose. After three months of use I have no need for nasal sprays, and I no longer make unpleasant noises (according to my wife.) This thing works."

"... During the night, while sleeping, I often had nasal obstructions in one or both nostrils. This considerably disturbed my sleep.

An ENT recommended the Free Nose which I have now used for eighteen months. I am completely satisfied. This device is very simple to use and permits me to breath normally and keeps me from waking up many times during the night."

"...I am very satisfied with the Free Nose device. Having been a heavy snorer with apneas, I sleep much better. The device does not bother me. I am able to keep it on all night. I do not snore anymore."

Free Nose changes a life:

"...I have two passions, sailing and skiing. I have been snoring for a long time. Apparently now it is unbearable.

We had rented a chalet in the mountains. In the morning at breakfast, my friends talked only about my snoring and how they couldn't sleep.

...from the second day my friends' wives were complaining and I knew I couldn't continue our vacation with the group. I felt that I had to do something.

In the last five years, my wife and I have had to sleep in separate bedrooms because of my snoring. ...I had tried everything without success. Today, thanks to Free Nose, I snore a little but nothing like before. Our life as a couple is now back to normal."

"...this gadget has changed my life. I bought it for my husband who snored like a locomotive. Although not convinced, he put it on to make me happy. He soon found out that this item was absolutely indispensable. Now he can't do without it. Neither can I. Thank you so much."

"My husband has tried many things to stop snoring. When he finally bought the Free Nose, I laughed. Now I smile as I am finally able to sleep without having to try to stop him from snoring. He still snores sometimes but very softly, and I can sleep the whole night. He has used it every night now for about a year and a half, and I love it."